Michael Góngora

for State Senate


Michael was first elected to public office in 2006. He recognized that to serve the citizens of Miami Beach was a privilege, and that elected office provided the best path for him to make a difference. Michael follows these same values and beliefs today as he campaigns to become your next State Senator.


Why I support Michael Góngora

Michael Is more qualified than any other candidate and he has my full support. Michael, apart from his intellect and experience, he has a good heart, and in my opinion, his ability to empathize with all of his constituents makes him the only candidate for this seat. He’s gonna win. He sure has my support.

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He has my full support Kristen Rosen Gonzalez

I am so glad to see Michael making this move. He has vast experience in public service, knowledge and familiarity with the law from his years as a successful attorney and determination to work toward making the kinds of change the state needs. He will make a great senator!

He has vast experience in public service Lillie Sabogal - attorney that Michael has worked with for many years

Michael Góngora will be a great asset to our district in Tallahassee. Having served on the Miami Beach commission with him from 2009-2013 I can attest to Michael’s capacity as a public servant. He is someone who truly cares about the issues affecting our community and someone who can make a difference. Michael is intelligent a consensus builder and will not back down from a fight. We are lucky to be getting a statesman and not just another politician to protect our interest. Good luck my friend!

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Michael Góngora will be a great asset Jorge Exposito

Michael understands government at all levels and will be effective in bringing home funds from Tallahassee to undertake needed traffic and flooding solutions throughout Miami-Dade County. Additionally, he will continue the fight for Israel in Tallahassee with the new Anti BDS law and divestiture laws. We need a leader that is sensitive to all issues impacting the diverse community in District 38 and Michael is our best choice.

Michael Understands How Government Works Deede Weithorn

Smart, dedicated, driven, effective, personable, experienced, multi-tasker. About time to get back into public service. Florida needs you! Go Góngora!

Florida needs you! Rosa de la Camara - Michael's boss.

I trust Michael to do what is right for this community. His record of public service and long-time commitment to issues important to me, such as education and preservation, make him the most qualified candidate. I fully support Michael and ask that you do too.

I Trust Michael Matti Herrera Bower

The news that Michael Góngora is entering this race is incredibly beneficial for our district. He will bring the energy,vitality and intelligence necessary to keep our needs at the forefront in the Senate. With countless years of political experience under his belt there is no one better suited to represent us. I couldn’t be happier!!!!

There is no one better suited to represent us Jackie Lalonde - long-time close friend

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